Experiences from users of the BioHealthChip:

Case 1: Diet
When using the BioHealthChip®-Diet I noticed that my “need to snack” got less. I lost 5 kilo’s in 2 months so I stopped wearing the Chip. Oops, you probably guessed, I got back into eating, mostly at night. So I started the BHC-Diet Chip again and I am now doing OK.

Case 2: Vitality
I was 30, depressed and unable to work for a full year. I got over it, but it felt like I was missing something, that I no longer had the same old feelings I used to have.
Then I started using the BioHealthChip®-Vitality and it was almost unbelievable! The first couple of days I was not tired at all and I had a lot of energy. At first I thought it was my imagination, but then my headaches disappeared, I was no longer dizzy, my concentration improved a lot and my mood is better than ever. I am more balanced in all the things I do.

Case 3: Vitality

People know me as a sceptical person, but within 30 minutes of putting on the Vitality Chip, I felt a strong improvement with all my complaints. Now after one week, I know it for sure: I am more at ease and less depressed, my ability to focus has improved, and I feel like I am in better condition, especially after exercising, sports and recovery from working out.
I feel I have found a more reasonable way to express my moods in public. I have noticed that the environment in my household is much more stable now! I am 38 years old, but wish I had known about the BHC-Vitality 10 years back.

Case 4: Anti Nicotine
I wanted to stop smoking and got a BioHealthChip®-Anti Nicotine from a good friend. The moment I put it around my neck, I found that I disliked the taste of a cigarette. I do not understand how the principle works, but cannot deny it is working very well.

Case 5: Anti Nicotine
I am using the BHC-Anti Nicotine and it is going better now. I am smoking less and when I leave the house, I do not feel the need to take my cigarettes with me, something that was not possible in the past.

Case 6: Vitality
People noticed the difference when I started to use the BioHealthChip®-Vitality. It helped me a lot and I notice I need to reorder one now after 4 months.

Case 7: Vitality
When I gave my friend, who was very ill and emotionally very bad off, the BioHealthChip®-Vitality, I noticed a big improvement wihtin days. He left the hospital shortly after this.

Case 8: Vitality
… With some apprehension, I put on the BioHealthChip®-Vitality, as I thought that now something would happen right on the spot, but it didn”t. The same applied to the next day, and no change took place as well. However, without being able to verbalize in detail, it seems as though barriers around me had disappeared. The next morning I woke up after a good night”s rest, allthough I spent only 5 hours in bed. My work during the day went smoothly but still I have not perceived how this has changed me. I do not even notice that I am wearing the BHC.
Now I even have the motivation to do things that I would have left on my pile of things to do not so long ago. (The Americans would say, “It”s easier to go the extra mile.”) Somehow this BHC is getting rid of my barriers, the barriers that were not present in the distant past, but over the years had evolved unnoticed.
To summarize my experience of one week of usage in one sentence: “This BHC deserves the name ”vitality” without doubt.”

Case 9: Libido Men
Since I have given my husband the BioHealthChip®-Libido Men we enjoy sex a lot more. He is enjoying foreplay more and we feel very fulfilled after having sex. He seems more relaxed now too.

Case 10: Libido Men

I guess men will say that this is not required at all, but…. honesty dictates me to say that my penis is longer, more firm and quite stiff. I can recommend this BHC-Libido Men for sure.

Case 11: Energy
In the beginning I was a bit sceptic, but anyhow I tried the BHC-Energy. To my surprise I felt within 30 minutes a warm feeling, became more alert and was able to focus well.
And for sure, I got more energy and can better concentrate during the day.

Case 12: Sport
Since I am wearing the BHC-Sport my training has improved
and it is not a real struggle anymore.
Bit by bit I am extending my boundaries and I am noticing my recovery is going fast.

Case 13: Diet
I am using the BHC-Diet now for 2 months and the number of kilo’s do not really drop. However, I am fitting clothes that were a problem till recently and people ask me if I lost weight. My need for sweets almost disappeared and I eat less and more healthy.
I am OK to continue like this, as it feels much better than any fast weight reduction program.

Case 14: Relax
After a long intensive period of hard work I was worn out; I was tired, had a bad temper
and things kept on buzzing in my head. I lost appetite to do anything.
After starting to use the BHC-Relax this situation changed.
I enjoyed going back to work and my thoughts were more at ease.
Yes, I feel relaxed indeed after a couple of months.

Case 15: Flex
For months I had backache, sometimes it got so worse that I had to lay down to relief my back. If I was sitting too long on a chair, I had to move in order to reduce the pain.
I started to wear the BHC-Flex and to my surprise the pain reduced and is even gone for longer time intervals. I do not know the principle of this, but for sure it is fantastic.

Case 16: Circulation
During the warm summer period I had to walk on my open shoes, as my shoes were too tight in the cause of the day. My legs looked twice as big as well.
Fortunately things improved after wearing the BHC-Circulation.
My legs are feeling less heavy and thick and I can wear my summer shoes all day long.

Case 17: Libido Women
Thanks to the BHC-Libido Women, I know again the benefits of having sex.

Case 18: Libido Women
Since I use the BioHealthChip®-Libido Women, I long more often fro sex and it is also less painful. It looks like I am more relaxed. And this is also making my friend very happy.

Case 19: Night
No disturbances anymore during the night, so that I am rested in the morning.
I am ready for work!

Case 20: Night
During the day I am wearing the BioHealthChip®-Diet, reducing my need for sweets.
Since I use the BioHealthChip®-Night during the night, my night rest has improved,
so that my energy level during daytime is much higher.
It is really nice to get responses from others who claim I look better.