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What is the BioHealthChip®?

The BioHealthChip® is a small triangle with a magnetic strip. The magnetic strip contains information, to be used for health issues. There are various BioHealthChips® available with each its specific product content.

Questions and AnswersHow do I use the BioHealthChip®?

The BioHealthChip® is to be carried on the body on the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and enabled to take the product information from the BioHealthChip®. For an optimum effect you place the BioHealthChip® with the leather cord around the neck, just under the breastbone, at the Solar Plexus. Women can also wear the BioHealthChip® in their Bra. In principle one can wear the BioHealthChip® day and night.

However we know instances that at first usage the effects are so strong that a person needs to adapt to a new situation. In these instances it is recommended to start to wear the BioHealthChip® a couple of hours a day and slightly increase that period, whenever the person indicates to be able to cope with the change.

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Is the BioHealthChip® safe to be used?

Yes, it is safe to be used. Side effects: None.

In isolated cases it may lead to slight over reaction, depending the condition of the one who carries the BHC; the chip should then only be worn an hour at a time. Gradually this time span can be extended. Interaction with other medication: None, though it has been reported in some cases that medication is now more effective.

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Can the BioHealthChip® be used for children and/or pregnant-lactating women as well?

As the BioHealthChip® has no side effects (apart from slight nervousness in the beginning in specific cases) it is safe to be used for children and/or pregnant-lactating women as well.

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Can the BioHealthChip® be used for people that have a pacemaker?

Yes, no harm can be done to the person, the pacemaker and/or the BioHealthChip®.

Questions and AnswersHow long will the BioHealthChip® be effective?

In general the BioHealthChip® will be effective between 2 and 4 months.

You may compare the BioHealthChip® with a battery, at intensive use it will be deplored sooner.
Your body will determine the need on the information carried on the magnetic strip of the BioHealthChip®. In case your body needs more, the BioHealthChip® will last less long. You will notice the decrease of effectiveness over time.

Questions and AnswersCan I wear the BioHealthChip® always?

Yes, you can wear the BioHealthChip® day and night (as exemption on that rule we recommend the BHC-Night to be worn during the night only).

However as the BioHealthChip® can not stand water (except from the natural body sweat) you should not swim and/or shower with the BioHealthChip®. Water will make the BioHealthChip® ineffective. The same applies for magnets and precious metals. These combinations should be avoided. Also refrain from using alcohol based odors around the breast party.

Questions and AnswersCan the BioHealthChip® be damaged?

Yes, apart from body sweat the BioHealthChip® will become ineffective when brought into contact with water. Also do not wear the BioHealthChip® around your neck in combination with jewellery/precious metals and or magnets. The use of parfume, odors etc. with alcohol as additive around the breast environment can lead to peeling off of the plastic at the corners of the BioHealthChip®. As long as the magnetic strip is not harmed, the BioHealthChip® remains effective.

Questions and Answers

Can I wear the BioHealthChip® in combination with jewellery?

Yes, however jewellery, magnets and precious metals should not be in direct contact with the magnetic strip of the BioHealthChip®.

Questions and AnswersCan I swim and/or shower with the BioHealthChip®?

No, as water harms the effectiveness of the BioHealthChip® you should not wear the BioHealthChip® while swimming/showering etc.

Questions and AnswersCan I use parfume, lotion or other odors on the spot where I wear the BioHealthChip®?

Yes, as long as these odors are not alcohol based. Alcohol can peel off the plastic over time of the BioHealthChip®. As long as the magnetic strips are present, the BioHealthChip® will remain in good working order.

Questions and AnswersCan I share my BioHealthChip® with another person?

We advise you not to share the BioHealthChip® after you have already used the BioHealthChip® yourself. The moment you start to wear the BioHealthChip® it will be activated by your body own frequency: it is then personalized. If another person is using your BioHealthChip® afterwards, that person could get for instance a head ache, as your BioHealthChip® has been personalized meanwhile.

Questions and AnswersWhat kind of BioHealthChips® is currently available?

We have currently available the following BioHealthChips®:

BHC-Anti Nicotine
BHC-Libido Men
BHC-Libido Women
BHC-Anti Aging

Questions and AnswersWhere can I order BioHealthChips®?

As we are an E-commerce based company the most practical way is to order via internet.

Questions and AnswersIn case I have a specific question on the BioHealthChips®, can I address that item?

Yes, we are happy to assist you in the event of questions related to BioHealthChips®. You may direct your question to . Your request will be treated confidentially and we strive to reply within 2 business days. Please address your request in English or Dutch.

Questions and Answers

Do I need a prescriptive for purchasing a BioHealthChip®?

No, as the BioHealthChip® is not a medicine a prescription is not required.

Questions and AnswersWill my Health Insurance company compensate my purchase of the BioHealthChips®?

Unfortunately most Health Insurance companies will not contribute to your purchase yet. We expect this will take some years more to have this changed.

Questions and AnswersDo you have scientific proof that the BioHealthChip® really works?

A test with two groups of people (double blind) has been conducted as well, demonstrating the effects of the BioHealthChip®. Also we have testimonials of people confirming the effects. For reasons of privacy we have removed the names of these testimonials. (Names are known at the management of our company).

Questions and AnswersWhat kind of guarantee can I obtain when purchasing a BioHealthChip®.

The moment one wears a BioHealthChip® it will be personalized. This implies that the BioHealthChip® cannot be repurchased.

However we frequently conduct Quality tests on our manufacturing process.

Questions and AnswersCan I wear more than one BioHealthChip® at the time?

Yes, you can wear more than one BioHealthChip® at the time. The BioHealthChips® will not be damaged. Neither will one BioHealthChip® undo the effect of another BioHealthChip®, unless we specifically state so. In case you have doubts, please mail us at

Questions and AnswersHow long can I store BioHealthChips® that are not used?

As long as you have not personalized the BioHealthChip® by wearing it once or more, you can store it for at least one year after purchase. Just keep the unused BioHealthChip® in the package at a dry safe place, not near precious metals and/or magnets.

Questions and AnswersWhat kind of material is used for the cord of the BioHealthChip®?

The cord is manufactured from leather in order to maximize your comfort while wearing the BHC.

Leather is an ideal material that prevents that the skin becomes irritated.

Questions and AnswersWhat kind of packaging material is used for BioHealthChip®?

We kindly refer you to our packing specifications.