Technical explanation

Technical Explanation

The BioHealthChip® was developed by a German pharmacist and homeopathic doctor, who perfected the technology in his own practice over a period of 30 years.

The scientific principles of formulating the BioHealthChip® are based on the theories of Albert Einstein and Professor de Haas. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and French scientist Jacques Benveniste have undertaken to explain how the physics of this technology works on human health.

Their studies provide new insight into a number of basic medical principles.

1. Dr. Popp paved the way for a new approach to define and measure health itself. Out of his studies has evolved an entirely new approach to for research on medicine and health care. Of primary interest is the finding that living organisms generate light and that the light of living organisms is coherent (laser light).
Identifying and measuring this coherence has become the basis for determining vitality or levels of health.
With this rather simplistic approach, Popp says one is able to determine the difference between cohesion or the loss of cohesion and how that affects the regulation of dynamic systems within organisms.
Healthy systems are organized in a dynamically cohesive way, whereas sick systems have lost this cohesion.
A healthy body will respond as a whole. A sick body is unable to respond in such a unified dynamic because the coherence of regulation and responses is lost or diminished.
This implies that there is a potential for repairing the base bio-regulating systems.

2. It appears to be possible to activate certain regulatory functions within the cells of the body through other ways than biological, physical or chemical methods.
Popp demonstrated in his studies that the principle of organization of the body has its origin in a coherent electromagnetic field which is responsible for the coordination, organization and regulation of the biological system.

3. Water (body moisture) plays a dominant role here. Benveniste discovered, for instance, that biological communication within our body is only effected through water (the human body is 70% water!), which acts as a kind of amplifier or carrier for biochemical molecular signals.
Another explanation is found in the work of British biologist Rupert Sheldrake.
4. Sheldrake describes the existence of magnetic / morphologic fields as being the foundation of our neurological functioning. Within these fields there are 28 vibrational patterns present (at the latest count), which are out of range of our senses. However these vibrations can be detected via radio and television receivers, as well as other subtle-energy devices.
According to Sheldrake, fundamental quantum mass fields, like electron and neutron and other fields, can all be detected. To us they are invisible, untouchable, without sound, taste and odor, but yet they contribute to the essence of the universe, according to quantum theory.

It is like the characteristics of a guitar where water is the sound box. The soundbox works like an amplifier when the strings are picked or strummed and makes the sound noticeable. Likewise water makes certain information noticeable by amplifying. It appears that water is critical to the functioning of all kinds of biological activity and that it even has a kind of enforcing effect.

The BioHealthChip®”s functions, therefore, are based on the principles of cohesion, electromagnetics and fluidity.  Biochemical information is encoded through a high-tech process unique to the BioHealthChip®.

We can conclude, based on years of research and experience from various scientists and medical experts, that there is a coherent electromagnetic field present, which is responsible for the steering, organization and regulation of the body”s biological systems.

In contact with the skin of a person, the BioHealthChip® is activated, so that the frequencies of the substances encoded onto the chip are transferred through a magnetic effect into the person”s own system.  Water molecules in the body are informed via the frequencies of specific messages. In this way the Chip initiates, through specific low-frequency electromagnetic signals, biological activity between the cells.

As long as it is in contact with the skin, the BioHealthChip® is always operative, transmitting regulatory frequencies to the electromagnetic field of the body.   Research has shown that the most optimum effect is derived wearing the BioHealthChip® near the solar plexus.

Like in all fine-tuning mechanisms, there is the chance the system can “overshoot” its correction, which is only temporary.  In some cases, this can happen the first time one wears the BioHealthChip®.

One can feel a bit nervous, others may get a slight headache. Think of this on the spirit level, you (your body) may have to shuffle back and forth initially to find a new balance before it achieves the desired result.  If one notices this effect, it is advisable to be patient and think of mentally helping your body to reach its balance and health easily and naturally.

Do you have a health condition or do you just want to maintain the good health you already have?  The BioHealthChip® will contribute positively to your health in either state. Allthough you will not notice spectacular effects in this balanced situation, know that your body is being regulated, kept in balance and that the BioHealthChip® is continually functioning to maintain cohesion of your well-being.

The BioHealthChip® is indeed a modern, effective and innovative mechanism for achieving and maintaining a high state of health and wellness.