The BioHealthChip® is a small triangle, containing information balancing your body.

This information is transferred to your body and activates these area’s, that require this optimal balance.

No pills, No injections, No side effects!
Use the unique BioHealthChip®. Notice the positive effects.
A unique recipe has been placed on the magnetic strip. As the content of the recipe of the BHC is absorbed via your skin (instead of the stomach-intestines) there are no side effects.

How does it work?

The BioHealthChip® is to be worn around your neck, so that the triangle rests on your breastbone, right at the Solar Plexus (see photo left).

The moment you wear your BioHealthChip® the information on the magnetic strip on the back, is activated by your body’s own frequency.
From that moment onwards the recipe can be absorbed.

We offer you an extensive product assortment. All BioHealthChips® look the same.

However the difference is being determined by the unique recipe on the magnetic strip of each BHC .

Advanced Technology
Top Quality
Preventive and Therapeutic effects
No side effects
Unique and effective
Easy to use

Registered in the Dutch pharmacy registration system: Z-Index

Depending on the individual condition of your body, the effectiveness will be up to 4 months.

Our customers will obtain refund, if not satisfied, within 30 days after purchase.

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